PES 2017 Xbox One & PlayStation 4 GIVEAWAY

We’re giving away some PES 2017 copies for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

By Admin, Posted 28 May 2017

Football is a thing. More than that, it’s a sport, and one that’s been made into videogames for a while now. On the gaming front, one of the scene’s major players is Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series, which is getting its next installment soon. One of our editors isn’t particularly sure why PES 2018 is coming out in 2017, but then again, he isn’t particularly sure why people look weird at him when he wears shoes that don’t match. If you happen to share in his confusion (game-related confusion, that is) and missed the fact that PES 2017 has been out for a while now, you might be happy to hear that we’re giving away some copies for Xbox One and PS4. What you need to do is leave a comment here, telling us why you’re not paying attention to our coverage of the series, you bad, bad person the one that deserves a copy the most. Following us on Twitter is rumored to make your favorite footballer think about you for a split second while he’s cutting tomatoes for lunch, assuming footballers do that. It’ll also increase your chances of winning.

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In case you’re not quite sure about the title, check out Ron’s PES 2017 Review. It was also his favorite game of last year. Also, if you help Woozie understand why mismatched shoes are a no-no, he’ll also think of you for a split second while he’s cutting tomatoes for lunch (we know for a fact he does that).

Good luck!

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