Overwatch Summer Games: Everything You Need To Know

The summer event begins tomorrow.

By LazerHoots, Posted 07 Aug 2017

August 8th marks the beginning of Overwatch's second Summer Event; the hottest topic of the game since the release of Doomfist. This event, like the previous, will bring in more cosmetic character skins and game modes. This includes a comeback to the dearly beloved game mode, Lúcio Ball (Rocket League but with few jovial Brazilian DJ's instead of cars). 

A highlight of the event, besides Lúcio Ball, is the inclusion of last year's event skins being able to be purchased again. This time, at a reduced price. Overwatch runs on a Credit system, or coins, as its in-game currency. The pattern is that every event Legendary skin (the rarest) cost about 3000, and the Epic (middle-tier) skins being 750. These skins from last year shall be discounted to the price of non-event Legendary and Epic skins, that being 1000 credits and 500 credits respectively. So those who missed their chance on getting the American McCree, or the Taegeukgi D.Va skins will have another chance at nabbing them. Last year all the Summer event skins could not be purchased with credits and had to be obtained by getting lucky with opening a Loot Box.

According to game director Jeff Kaplan, the hero Junkrat will be getting a sporty-looking Legendary skin. Mercy will also be getting a new skin, however, the rarity tier it is in is not confirmed at this time. Widowmaker and McCree fans are expected to get something incredible too. In Kaplan's words, they will be "blown away." Sprays and emotes from last year will also be making their return, again, at the reduced cost of regular non-event items.

Lúcio Ball has been given a few little updates. One of them being the stadiums it shall be played. Not only will you be able to play Lúcio Ball in last year's Rio stadium, but a stadium for Sydney, Australia has been added as well. Lúcio's Ultimate Ability in this game mode used to pull the ball towards him at a quick rate. That has been changed. Instead of being a magnet, you shall now become Super Lúcio. This Ultimate grants a speed, jump, and "boop" boost to help give you and your team the advantage to turn the tides of the game. The final update to Lúcio Ball is that now there will be a Competitive (globally ranked) version of the game mode, including placement matches and ranks, just like the regular Competitive mode.

Overwatch's Summer Games event will run from August 8th through 29th on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. 

Jessica Wells, NoobFeed

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