Fortnite's Survive The Storm Update Arrives Next Tuesday

Fortnite gets a limited-time survival mode.

By Woozie, Posted 24 Aug 2017

Fortnite's been out in Early Access for almost a month now and will soon receive its first larger offering of content. The "Survive The Storm" update will the limited-time Survive The Storm mode where players must build defenses during the day and face increasingly difficult waves of foes during the night. Monsters coming with these limited-time Storms can have certain modifiers and will drop special loot.

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The new Hydraulic Weapon Set will also be available with the update alongside new heroes, performance improvements and more. You can have a look at the announcement on the game's website. If you're not sure what Fortnite is, or how it plays, I spent some time with it and found there's potential for fun if the loot and progression system clutter gets sorted out. Have a look at my Fortnite Early Access Preview.

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