Albion Online Roadmap Update Details Content Planned For The Rest Of The Year

An arena, new Tier 6 expeditions and expanded Guild Vs Guild options are coming to Albion Online.

By Woozie, Posted 02 Sep 2017

Albion Online has had players running around its sandbox world for over a month now. While a DDoS attack made for some rocky times, remnants of which can still be felt, as lag is still present at times, developer Sandbox Interactive have upped the protection against that type of attacks and gone to detailing their plans for the game's future. Firstly, connectivity issues have been marked as top priority. Then, the plan is to have three or four major updates per year. The first of these updates, named "Joseph", is aiming for a late September to early October release date. It's main addition will be the Albion Arena, where players can fight it out in non-deadly 5v5 battles, all in a new mode featuring control points. Winning fights will reward arena tokens that can be spent on items in the arena store. These items are either vanity ones or upgrades to existing items, so as not to affect the crafting economy. New abilities, more UI options and Smart Casting are also planned to come with "Joseph".

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Albion Online's second planned update, "Kay", is aiming to be out before the end of the year, focusing on the Guild Vs Guild aspect. Territory invasions will allow guilds to invade other guild's territories, slay their NPCs and replace them with racketeers of their own, gaining benefits. This will not subject to any time restrictions. Guild power rankings will also be introduced, tracking progress made by guilds. The ranking will be reset at regular intervals, the period following the reset being declared as the age of whichever guild was at the top. Overall performance of large fights will also constitue a focus for this update. A few mentions were made on Albion Online's future past "Kay". You can read about both updates and what comes past them by going to the game's website.

I spent some time with Albion Online and, while there were a handful of flaws, I found it to be a viable alternative to the titles that dominate the MMORPG genre. You'll find my thoughts on the game in our Albion Online PC Review.

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