Aquatic Update for Minecraft Brings Dolphins, Coral Reefs, And More

Minecraft getting a new update, featuring an expansive underwater feature

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Nov 2017

Minecon Earth provided a large amount of new information regarding the game's future. Now we can confirm that a new Aquatic update will bring new underwater life to the game featuring new areas to explore and wildlife.

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The update will bring ocean biomes that will feature different life similar to the varied land biomes. This includes secrets, treasures, shipwrecks, and icebergs. 

The Update Aquatic also introduces a new weapon: the trident. It can be used for both melee and ranged attacks. You can throw it to spear an enemy but doing so will have the item disappear. You can Enchant the trident to return back to your inventory after each use.

In addition, Mojang announced that a new mini-game and enemy will be coming to Minecraft. Called Death run will be coming that has players running through a series of obstacles similar to the finale of Minecraft Story Mode season 1. Mob B won the community vote for being added to the game.

Minecraft's Aquatic update will launch in 2018.

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