Hand Of Fate 2 Receives Its First DLC Tomorrow

Hand Of Fate 2's first DLC will introduce The Dealer as a companion.

By Woozie, Posted 19 Dec 2017

Hand Of Fate 2 is a pretty cool game that does what good sequels do, improving over the original. Released back in November on PC and PS4 and December on Xbox One, the PC version of the title will receive its first serving of DLC tomorrow, December 20th. In it, the Dealer himself will become a player companion being able to "influence any tabletop gambit, though at great personal cost.". In combat, his ranged attacks will ensnare opponents. The Dealer will become available as companion after you've beaten the game once. Voiced by Anthony Skordi, the Dealer will "deliver new quips and insults, evoking responses that have made this supporting character the series' most memorable personality."

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Those playing Hand Of Fate 2 on consoles will, unfortunately, have to wait until sometime next year to be insulted by the Dealer while fighting bandits, ogres and everything else the game throws your way. If numbers are your thing, Hand Of Fate 2 has sold over 100000 copies since launch. The title will benefit from a 10% discount on Steam starting December 21. This will bring its price down to $29.99 USD / €24.99 / $29.99 AUD.

I quite enjoyed the title when I reviewed it, back in November. If you haven't already, give my Hand Of Fate 2 review a read.

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