Overwatch Introduces New League Skins and Currency

A new currency and skins come to Overwatch

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Jan 2018

Overwatch got a new league update that includes new skins, currency, and watch the Overwatch League. Before you get too excited this new update also comes with a lot of problems.

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These costumes are only purchasable with League Tokens. Anyone who logs in before February 13 receives 100 tokens free, normally a $5 cost, with each skin costing 100 tokens. You can earn tokens by watching the Overwatch League matches.

There are 12 total colors and 24 total characters, so if you wanted to get all the colors for every character for one team, minus the one color you get for free, you're looking at about $114.17. If you want every skin you're looking at spending around $1432.13.

In addition, the skins aren't that interesting. They come with the team's iconic color and name branded on the character of your choice but it's simply a color swap of the Overwatch Hero's original skin. 

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