Monster Hunter World New Gameplay Footage Highlights The Rotten Vale And Its Monsters

Monster Hunter World has a complex ecosystem that the player can take advantage of

By Grayshadow, Posted 16 Jan 2018

With Monster Hunter World's release date getting closer Capcom has released a new gameplay video showcasing a new area called the Rotten Vale and its monsters. The video also highlights the complex ecosystem of the game and how the player can use the environment, and the monsters, to their advantage.

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The gameplay is narrated by European Brand Manager Brian Ayers, who does an excellent job of setting up the atmosphere as you travel through the hostile landscape. Game Director, Yuyu Tokuda, takes control of the characters in the video.

The first monster shown was the Radobaan, a tar monster who cloaks itself in the bones of fallen monsters. As you might expect this monster uses those bones to its advantage, curling up and dashing towards its prey like Sonic the Hedgehog. 

Later the video shows the Odogaron, but don't let its size fool you. This monster is at the top of the food chain and it fights the Radobaan with vicious fury. 

After the fight, Tokuda used the Challenge Mantle to lure the Odogaron to other lairs. In the video, Tokuda lured the Odogaron to some Great Girros, whose venom can paralyze victims. 

The video is an excellent example of how the environments of Monster Hunter World actively presents new challenges. With the player having to dynamically change their own strategy to contend with the hostile elements and creatures.

Monster Hunter World launches on January 26th for Xbox One and PS4. The PC version will launch in Autumn 2018.

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