New Alien Game In Development By Alien: Isolation Developers

Let's hope it's not like Aliens: Colonial Marines

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Jan 2018

FoxNext, the video game division created by 20th Century Fox, saw the success of Alien: Isolation and has acquired Cold Iron Studios. Now the studio is making a new Alien game set in the new Alien Cinematic Franchise. 

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Since it has just been announced there isn't much information about the game. FoxNext did confirm it would be a shooter for PC but didn't confirm a console release. Considering that Alien: Isolation was made by the same studio making this new game it's likely we won't see a repeat of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

The studio is composed of industry veterans who helped in the creation of Metroid Prime 3, Neverwinter, City of Heroes, and, my personal favorite, BioShock: Infinite.

It will be interesting to see how Cold Iron Studios builds on the new Alien universe. Considering that the last film, Alien: Covenant, was heavily criticized by fans of the franchise perhaps the studio can reconnect with devotees.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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