Overwatch New Patch Nerfs Mercy and Junkrat, Adds Xbox One X 4K Support

Got an Xbox One X, play Overwatch in 4K now

By Grayshadow, Posted 31 Jan 2018

Back in November 2017, Blizzard promised to deliver a 4K update to the Xbox One version of Overwatch for those with an Xbox One X console. Now it's available.

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The 4K update is available for Xbox One users who own an Xbox One X console, along with new changes to the gameplay, and bug fixes.


Concussion Mine

Now will deal less damage to targets farther away from the explosion’s center



No longer makes Resurrect instant

No longer grants a bonus Resurrect charge

The speed bonus Guardian Angel receives when activating Valkyrie has been decreased by 50%

Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 15 seconds

Bug Fixes


Fixed a bug that caused D.Va’s face and hair textures to not load when her Black Cat skin was equipped

This comes just in time as Blizzard has released the 2018 skin update, which also includes the new map Blizzard World.

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