Metal Gear Survive Cooperative Mission Coming March

New missions coming to Metal Gear Survive

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Feb 2018

Metal Gear Survive is now available but Konami is looking towards the future with new daily missions, weekly missions, and cooperative missions.

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Konami has detailed the update to all daily and weekly missions but promises to provide more information on the March cooperative update.

Daily Missions: New missions will be released every day 17:00 JST

2/23 [Wrecked Base] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Hellfire (Flame element damage increases), Fortified (Damage inflicted on enemies decreases)

2/24 [Deserted Mine] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Lucky Devil (Critical hit percentage increases.) / Gunsmoke (Player firearm damage increases)

2/25 [Abandoned Airport] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Heavy Hitter (Damage inflicted by enemies increases.) / Sneak Attack (Damage inflicted by units increases)

2/26 [Forsaken Ruins] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Greatsword (Player two-handed weapon damage increases) / Famished (Hunger progression speed increases)

2/27 [Deserted Mine] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Juggernaut (Player heavy weapon damage increases), Ashes to Ashes (Equipment degrades more easily)

Weekly Mission

2/23 17:00 ~ 2/27 16:59(JST)
[Fallen Village] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Marksman Death (Damage inflicted by long-range attacks increases) / Death Blow (Damage inflicted on weak points increases.) / Fortified (Damage inflicted on enemies 

Metal Gear Survive is now available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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