Writer for Horizon: Zero Dawn Talks About Cut Storylines and Fan Theories

Guerrilla Games reveals all about Horizon: Zero Dawn

By Grayshadow, Posted 06 Mar 2018

Horizon: Zero Dawn turned 1 year recently and Guerrilla Games and Sony is celebrating the game's anniversary by revealing the game sold over 7.6 million copies, discounts, free downloads on the PlayStation Store, and held a special Reddit AMA with lead writer Ben McCaw. To avoid spoilers we won't be posting the answers to these questions.

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McCaw was surprisingly open with fans about all the questions they asked, revealing new information about cut content, debunking or confirming fan theories, and more. McCaw revealed that a quest was cut that would've sent Aloy to the Oseram territory of the Claim where Aloy would've shaken things up.

In addition, Aloy's voice actor Ashly Burch joined the AMA answering questions about how she approached the character. McCaw also answered that the team is interested in future content for specific characters asked within the AMA.

Perhaps the most notable questions asked were the ones regarding theories about unanswered questions. One user asked about Ted Fargo and what order to play The Frozen Wilds as the writing is designed to incorporate certain decisions within past quests.

Horizon: Zero Dawn ended with The Frozen Wilds expansion but leaves the series open to more games, however, it still remains a popular topic within the gaming community. It also won multiple awards at this year's DICE Awards.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is now available for PS4.

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