The Protagonist Is An RPG Which Mixes Branching Narrative With Turn-based Combat

The Protagonist is developed by a team of veterans from studios such as Ubisoft and EA.

By Woozie, Posted 05 Apr 2018

3Mind Games have announced that they are currently working on an upcoming story-driven, turn-based RPG that goes by the name of The Protagonist. Taking inspiration from titles such as Mass Effect, X-COM and Divinity: Original Sin, the game aims for a mix of branching narrative and turn-based combat. Players will take control of ANGEL, a Special Operative in the Terran military in an attempt to fight back an alien invasion. ANGEL will be joined by a wide cast of recruitable characters.

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The Protagonist will also feature a combat system which will allow players to customize their close combat abilities, as well as a dynamic dialogue system which will make sure that choices come with consequences. A teaser trailer gives an early glimpse at the game's combat. The Protagonist will release on PC in 2019.

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