All-Access Twitch Pass Grants Overwatch League Exclusive Content

Twitch capitalizing on Overwatch League popularity

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Apr 2018

The Overwatch League is one of the most popular eSports competition in the world. Drawing millions of viewers across the world since debuting. Now Twitch is offering a special All-Access Pass for those seeking the best possible experience.

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For $29.99 the pass will give 2018 viewers:

Overwatch League Command Center access, which allows fans to view different camera angles from in-game, backstage, and player perspectives with real-time stats

Behind-the-scenes videos on demand, which in Stage 3 will be pro player's analyzing matches

Participation in Match Day AMAs where questions can be submitted to pro players after broadcasts

OWL-inspired skins for each character, along with an OWL player icon and spray to be used in the game

Twenty-three emotes to use in a subscriber-only Twitch chat room

Wearable in-game and Twitch chat badge

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Those who want to try the pass can do so until May 15th, which gives trial-users access to the first 3 listed benefits.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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