Insurgency: Sandstorm Delayed To December

Insurgency: Sandstorm's second pre-order beta will run until December.

By Woozie, Posted 11 Sep 2018

Developer New World Interactive has announced that Insurgency: Sandstorm will now release on December 12th on PC. The delay comes as a result of feedback gathered from the title's second pre-order beta session. Although two hotfixes and a patch were released addressing issues such as performance and hit registration, the team felt that more time was needed for them to deliver "the best possible experience".

"Despite the game’s improvement, we are acutely aware that not all of you are having the ideal experience we want to deliver. By extending the beta and moving our launch date to December, the additional time will allow us to make significant improvements to the game with continued input from you. The additional time allows us to target a lower minimum system requirement, address more bugs, work on overall polish, gather additional feedback from the community to refine gameplay, and ensure that highly requested community features which may otherwise have had to be added post launch (such as community servers and custom games) are ready for day 1.", the developer said.

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In the extra time, the team is looking to improve various aspects of the visual experience, such as character models, textures and their quality when using scoped weapons. In-game server support is also a target for expansion, including the addition of a server browser and support for community-run servers, as is the squashing of bugs. The pre-order beta currently running has been extended until the new release date, as has the 10% pre-order discount that's in effect. The 10% loyalty discount for owners of the original Insurgency will continue until the end of the year, as planned. Give the full announcement a read.

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