Alan Wake Back On Steam Thanks to Renegotiating Music Licenses

Alan Wake returns to Steam

By Grayshadow, Posted 26 Oct 2018

About 1 year ago Alan Wake was removed from Steam and digital stores due to music rights. Now thanks to Microsoft and Remedy Alan Wake has returned to all digital stores.

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According to an official statement:

Big thanks to our partner and Alan Wake’s publishers @Microsoft who were able to renegotiate the rights to the licensed music in Alan Wake, so that the game can be sold again.

Good news! Alan Wake is back on Steam.

Better news: the price will be discounted during Halloween, so go get your copy if you don’t own the game yet. (Other digital platforms to follow.)

— Remedy Entertainment (@remedygames) October 25, 2018

To celebrate the occasion the game has been discounted $3.00 USD.

Alan Wake was removed from the digital store after its music licenses expired. Each chapter ended with a musical score and when those licenses expired the game couldn't be sold digitally anymore.

Alan Wake is one of Remedy Entertainment's biggest cult classics. Despite having a strong following the game failed to make enough sales for a full sequel. Alan Wake's American Nightmare was released using the concepts developed for Alan Wake 2 but Remedy has shown interest in making another game in the series. However, Microsoft owns the rights and must greenlight another project.

There's a television show being produced for Alan Wake that does have Remedy's involvement, which is the closest to a sequel as fans are going to get.

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