Did Know Gaming Explores Nintendo's Failed Harry Potter Pitch

Find out about Nintendo's failed Harry Potter pitch for a series of N64 games

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Nov 2018

Today, Did You Know Gaming, known for bringing video game facts to the masses, has released a new episode of Game History Secrets exploring a failed Harry Potter N64 game.

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Harry Potter is one of the most successful franchises of all time and during the 2000s spawned many promising partnerships such as LEGO sets, video games, and entire sections of theme parks. However, Nintendo sought to dive into the money pile Harry Potter was generating with a game for the Nintendo 64.

According to DYNG, after the release of the third book author J.K. Rowling opened auction to sell the rights to other media outlets to adapt the series into other forms of entertainment. Nintendo wanted sole ownership of the video game rights and wanted to make 2 titles, one a third-person platformer and the other based on Quietish.

Did You Know Gaming provides footage of the games, artwork, and details regarding the deal within their video and it's definitely worth watching.

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