In addition to the other three multiplayer modes already unveiled beforehand--Suppression, Last Defense, and Uplink--Sony has just unveiled the fourth mode for the long-anticipated SOCOM 4: Bomb Squad. This mode pits the Insurgents against the Spec Ops in which they have to plant a bomb in a random area on the map, while the opposing forcemust defuse it before time runs out. But what makes Bomb Squad really unique is the addition of a new class: the explosives expert.

Although it carries a substantial arsenal--automatic rifle, grenade launcher and body protection--the explosives expert will inevitably be exposed to enemies. This is where the other team members cover him, ensuring that cooperation is a high priority in the game.


Interested in new cooperative experience of SOCOM 4? There's good news! The official PlayStation Blog has just announced the dates for the multiplayer beta of SOCOM 4. The release will be made in stages, initially going by a private group of testers and expanding to an eventual wider audience:

Closed beta will be released on March 15. Players that are eligible for it will be contacted via email. PlayStation Plus members will gain access to the open beta on March 22, and the rest can download it on April 5 via the PlayStation Network. It will be available until April 13, in which the servers will begin preparations for SOCOM 4’s official launch on April 19 exclusively on the Playstation 3.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • Good news for Killzone 3 pre-order peeps. Gettin in on the beta.

    Posted Mar 12, 2011

  • I'll be playing this beta on March 29 because of Killzone 3

    Posted Mar 14, 2011

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