Tropico 6 Delayed Again, This Time to March to Implement Fan Feedback

Tropico 6 delayed to March to refine gameplay

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Jan 2019

Those hoping to dive into the tropical sands of Tropico 6 will have to wait a bit longer, the game has been delayed to March 29th.

Tropico 6,NoobFeed,

The development released an official statement on kalypsomedia about the delay. 

Dear Fans and Friends of Tropico,

As the owner, co-founder and managing director of Kalypso Media, I have been always convinced that if Kalypso creates the kind of video games I would love to play myself, that there will be a lot of strategy game enthusiasts out there who like what we are doing and the company will be successful.

Since I first played the original “Tropico”, released by PopTop and Take Two back in 2001, I have been a huge fan of the series. So when Kalypso had the chance to acquire and reboot the IP I jumped at the opportunity and have taken a lot of financial risk for our company to continue the experience of playing a dictator on a Caribbean island.

Over the holidays, I have played Tropico 6 for many hours and really liked what I saw. But, in my humble opinion, it is not enough to like a game – I want to love it! And Tropico 6 is good, but not very good, or outstanding. Yet.

Combining my own opinion and the response we had from thousands of dedicated beta players around the world, Kalypso has decided to postpone the release of the game for another couple of months to March 29, 2019.

We know this is short notice and many of you, especially the ones who have pre-ordered, played the beta and gave such comprehensive and valued feedback, might be disappointed – but we think we can make the game better by adding some more icing on the Tropican cake.

Kalypso and Limbic are working hard to add as many of the community requests for enhanced features and gameplay as possible into the release version of the game. But we cannot do this overnight, and want to present the best possible Tropico experience to the fans of the franchise.

Features like pathfinding, a challenging multiplayer and the comprehensive simulation not only of each individual Tropican, but of the whole economy, are already implemented well, but could benefit from more balancing, testing and enhancement to meet our very high quality standards for Tropico 6.

Again, I apologize for the delay, and can only ask all fans for their patience and understanding as we put in even more work, with the hope that the game will meet your expectations on March 29, 2019.

As a loyalty bonus and reward for your patience, all customers who have pre-ordered the game by 7pm (CET) January 10th, 2019 via our own Kalypso Shop, Steam and other digital platforms, will receive the first DLC, planned for Q2 2019, free of charge.

Yours sincerely

Simon Hellwig, Owner and Managing Director of Kalypso Media Group

Tropico 6 has faced a previous delay back in 2018, when it was going to release but then pushed back to January 2019 and now to March 2019. 

Tropico 6 is set to launch on PC, Mac, and Linux this March 29th.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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