Fortnite v7.10 Adds Suppressed Sniper Rifle and Fixes X-4 Stormwing Issue

New Fortnite update now available

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Jan 2019

Today, Epic Games released the latest update v.7.10 to Fortnite. Adding not only a new suppressed sniper rifle for players to toy around with but brings back the dual pistols, fixes issues regarding the X-4 Stormwing, and puts the burst assault rifle back into the vault.

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The complete patch notes are available below:


Suppressed Sniper Rifle added.

Available in Epic and Legendary variants.

Can be found from chests, floor loot, Vending Machines, and Supply Drops.

A single shot, scoped sniper rifle.

The suppressor makes for a quieter shot, trading stealth for power.

Deals 100/105 base damage

Six Shooter has been vaulted.

The following variants of the Burst Assault Rifle have been vaulted:

Uncommon, Common, Rare

Dual Pistols have been unvaulted.

Dynamite drop rate reduced by 40%.

Boom Box adjustments:

Drop rate reduced by 33%.

Health reduced from 600 to 400.

Duration reduced from 25 seconds to 18 seconds.


X-4 Stormwing adjustments:

The knockback a player receives after being hit by a Stormwing has been decreased by 70%.

Damage done to the Stormwing from colliding with structures has been increased by 50%.

Impact damage reduction while boosting through structures reduced from 50% to 25%

Increased the spread of the Stormwing machine gun by 75%.

Stormwing spawn chance has been decreased to 80% from 100%.

Supply Drop health has been reduced to 250/500/750 (Solo/Duo/Squad).


Bug Fixes

The X-4 Stormwing is no longer able to fly above the max build limit.

This is an early release so you may experience client crashes, loss of progress, or other unexpected errors.


Suppressed Sniper Rifle added to Creative Inventory Weapons

Available in Epic and Legendary variants.

A single shot, scoped sniper rifle.

The suppressor makes for a quieter shot, trading stealth for power.

Deals 100/105 base damage

Fortnite is now available for mobile, Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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