Kingdom Hearts III Patch 1.01 Will Add Epilogue Days After Its Release

Gamers will need to download the new patch for Kingdom Hearts III to see the epilogue

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Jan 2019

Early copies of Kingdom Hearts III are out in the wild but to prevent major spoilers Square Enix is actively taking down content relating to the game while also releasing new patches following the game's release that will not only fix issues but add in the epilogue.

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#KingdomHearts III free game update release schedule

Tuesday, January 29
Update 1.01 (several data fixes)
Memory Archive (videos)
*The Memory Archive option will be added to the game's title menu and can be viewed at any time.


Wednesday, January 30
Epilogue (video)
*Players will need to have completed #KingdomHearts III and seen the ending to view this video.


The epilogue of the game is one of the most sought after secrets in this decade-long developed game and Square Enix is taking added steps to ensure it isn't spoiled. To do this the epilogue will be added to the game on Wednesday, January 30th and won't be accessible on the game's release. You'll need to beat the core game to unlock it.

Other additions include:

Memory Archive - Videos
Bug Fixes
Secret Video

Kingdom Hearts III launches this January 29th for Xbox One and PS4. Check out our hands-on preview here.

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