NioH Could Come to Xbox One if Fans Demand it

NioH could come to Xbox One if fans demand it

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Feb 2019

NioH was one of the PlayStation 4's best exclusive, so much that physical copies of the game were rare to obtain within its release month. However, it may come to Xbox One if fans demand it.

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Anything's possible! You just gotta show us you want it.

— KOEI TECMO EUROPE (@koeitecmoeurope) February 13, 2019

The news came from Koei Tecmo when asked about NioH coming to the Xbox One in an Xbox One backward compatibility thread. To which the official Twitter account responded with "Anything's possible! You just gotta show us you want it."

While the game was published by Koei Tecmo the worldwide publishing was handled by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This could have been a spur in the moment response as its unlikely Sony would part with such as popular exclusive since the company has made note they're doubling down on exclusives for their consoles. But you never know, after all, NieR: Automata made it to Xbox One after being an exclusive for PS4 and PC.

NioH is now available for PS4 and PC.

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