Watch Dogs Legion Confirms Rumors, Set in London and New Protagonist

Watch Dogs 3, I mean Legion, gets new gameplay footage

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Jun 2019

After being leaked early Ubisoft decided to confirm the rumors about Watch Dogs Legion but didn't say if the other rumors were true. Now we finally know, with Watch Dogs Legion set in London and starring a new protagonist.

Watch Dogs Legion,NoobFeed,

Technically there's a lot of protagonists as the world Legion is literal, with you taking control of multiple characters as part of this Legion. Each one dawning a different mask and if killed a new figure takes control. With permadeath being a thing, if you lose an operative they're gone for good. With each character having their own unique statistics and weaknesses. 

We start off with Ian, a serviceable agent who ends up dying. Helen takes control, an old woman that no one should mess or underestimates. She makes lack mobility but makes up in gadgets, hacking, and a powerful taser. Bagley, their handler, provides intel to all the agents.

Naomi is seen next and uses a drone to hover over her objective before diving in. Using stealth to infiltrate her objective. Naomi's mission ends with her recruiting a new member to the legion.

The creative director took the stage to explain that players will need to recruit new members to oppose the resistance. Some will require a bit more convincing.

Watch Dogs Legion launches on March 6th for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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