Final Fantasy VII Remake's Materia System Will Be Largely Unchanged

Most of the materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake will operate the same as the original

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Jun 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake has had a lot of recent screenshots but many questions are still unanswered. For example, materia and how it'll operate in the remake. With director Tetsuya Nomura explaining in an interview with Fatmitsu about how it'll remain largely unchanged.

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In the interview, Nomura explaind that the system will remain largely unchanged but certain materia will not be present. Sneak Attack and Enemy Away don't have much point since they require a turn-based system and Final Fantasy VII Remake is entirely active. Players will still slot material into weapon holes and certain materia can be linked together for special bonuses.

It's likely that the system in Crisis Core: Final Fantasy will be the system in use. But modified for multiple characters as that game only had the player controlling Zack.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on PlayStation 4 on March 3.

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