Warframe Developers Shows Off Space Combat in 30 Minute Empyrean Expansion

Check out the upcoming expansion for Warframe

By Grayshadow, Posted 08 Jul 2019

From TennoCon 2019, Digital Extremes showed off the upcoming expansion for Warframe. Called Empyrean, this expansion will feature space combat.


The cinematic opening, directed by Dan Trachtenberg, to bring newcomers a sense of what they can expect from Warframe's story. 

In the Old War -- the Orokin Era -- when the original Warframes rebelled against their Orokin masters, flashback scenes depict them in battle against Dax Warriors in action scenes with proto-Grineer soldiers looming in the background. The new intro brings new narrative context and intense cinematic action to the Warframe universe like never before.

In terms of gameplay, Digital Extremes unveiled 2 new updates for Nightwave Series 2 and Wukong Prime access to all platforms.

Nightwave is Warframe's free, rotating seasonal system. Each Series unfolds over several weeks and tells a brand new story. By completing daily and weekly challenges, Tenno will unlock limited-time, exclusive rewards (gear, cosmetics and more) while experiencing the story as they play. In Series 2: The Emissary players will meet a strange mute child (Arlo) who emerges unharmed from the Infestation and brings with him the miraculous ability to heal the sick.

Wukong Prime is now ready for action! Available to earn through gameplay or purchase, the enduring, swift and unruly Wukong Prime brings eager Tenno an enhanced version of the original for the first time ever. Everybody's got something to hide, except Wukong Prime!

Lastly, Digital Extreme showed off the space combat for the upcoming Empyrean Expansion. With players piloting the Railjack battleship and soaring through the Origin System. 

In an official press release, no data was given about the new level of scope being provided to players.

Connect the Community With Squad Link!: This ground-breaking multiplayer system connects the world of Warframe in an entirely new way. Transcend beyond your solo objective and connect with the larger community by reaching out to other Tenno squads using the Squad Link. In multi-objective missions from space, players can call up on other squads of active players to help the bigger cause -- lower enemy ship shields, steal valuable data, and more.

Assault, Steal and Pilot Enemy Ships: Players can now infiltrate opponent ships using Archwings and command them in a variety of missions. Become a swashbuckling #Spaceninja, Tenno!

Customize and Upgrade Everything: The Drydock is your Railjack's personal space garage. Build out and upgrade your battleship's Equipment, Cosmetics, Systems and Reinforcements with a huge array of options, name your ship, and beautify it all by customizing primary, secondary and tertiary colors, accents, decals and more.

Revenge: Enemies have begun adapting to Tenno lethality, and from it kingpins will emerge! Players familiar with Warframe's in-development Kingpin system will be rewarded with a first look at how these reactive enemies behave, starting with the Kuva Lich, Emra Rok, in an epic boss fight on the capital ship.

Graphics Upgrade: Digital Extremes is dedicated to providing the single best graphic fidelity to AAA free-to-play gaming. Using a completely re-written rendering technology ("Deferred Renderer") in its proprietary Evolution Engine,Warframe's graphics have never looked better.

The developers ended the stream with a tease of a third open world where Operators have grown up to become mature adults. 

This is a lot of information to go through but it's clear that Digital Extremes isn't done supporting Warframe. With things getting bigger and much more elaborate. 

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