New Concept Art for Final Fantasy VII: Remake Features the Shinra Building

Check out the outside of the Shinra building

By Grayshadow, Posted 31 Jul 2019

Square Enix has a new concept art for the much anticipated for Final Fantasy VII Remake. It's only 1 piece of concept art but considering this game has been requested since the early days of the PS3, anything is huge.

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Take a closer look at the entrance to Shinra Building from #FinalFantasy VII Remake in this brand-new piece of concept art!

Shinra Power Company has taken its hold on the world of #FF7R after having seen rapid growth due to the Mako Energy being harvested.

— FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE (@finalfantasyvii) July 30, 2019

The piece of concept art does a great job of showing off the entrance of the building. In addition, Square Enix provided an already released image of Cloud inside the building.

Final Fantasy VII Remake,Square Enix,NoobFeed,

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases exclusively for PS4 on March 3, 2020.

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