No Man's Sky Beyond 2.0 Patch Notes Released

Beyond 2.0 now available to all No Man's Sky players

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Aug 2019

No Man's Sky turnaround was so profound that it has become a motto within the gaming industry called "Pulling a No Man's Sky". The game released to negative reception for deceitful marketing techniques but over the course of years developer Hello Games introduced an array of updates that turned the game around. Becoming one of the best live service and space exploration games available. With a new free patch expanding on the multiplayer feature and adding VR support.

We will give a summary of the major changes.

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Beyond 2.0 adds:

VR Support for PS VR and PC (Sorry Xbox One players)

Inventory slot increased from 250 to 1000 

Starship cockpits remodeled 

Learning an alien language has been overhauled, players can choose what word categories to learn 

Completely reworked Base Building Menu 

Base part snapping system improved

Players can now create light and sound displays with teleporters and sphere generators 

Bases can be powered by solar energy or fueled biogenerators

Technology can be moved after it's installed

Comparing and purchasing ships UI altered

Push a button to scan flora and fauna

Butterflies scanning improved 

Harvest milk, eggs, or "edible clusters" from animals that you tame

Use those harvested food items to create more than 300 recipes

Galaxy Map changed for better clarity and cleaner visual style 

No Man's Sky Beyond is now available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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