The DLC campaign for Assassin's Creed Odyssey may have ended but Ubisoft is still updating the massive greek adventure. With a new patch coming tomorrow.

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Before you get to the patch below, Assassin's Creed Odyssey is getting its MSVP slashed in half until September 1st. With the first episode of The Fate of Atlantis being available for free on all platforms.

Called Fields of Elysium this DLC has Kassandra or Alexios diving into the afterlife in search of answers about the Staff of Atlantis.

Patch 1.5.0 will address many bugs and add the new Discovery Tour.



Added in-game support for Discovery Tour: Ancient Greece (available in September)



Addressed an issue where using a free starter within a Group starter would spawn the NPC outside of a cave.

Addressed an issue where the in-game quest objective could differ from the published objective.

[PC] Addressed an issue where story info is not centred with a multi-monitor setup.

Addressed an issue where players could sometimes lose story progression after completing a Story Creator Mode quest.

Players will have the ability to change sorting options when using filters in See Stories and My Stories.

Addressed an issue showing the notification „Portal in Proximity" when going between See Stories and Quests.

Escorts will no longer require your presence after completing the objective they lead to.

Changes made to balancing of XP and drachmae distribution


Addressed an issue where Heckatonchire could be creeping around in the background after defeating it during a cutscene with Poseidon.

Addressed an issue where Ampheres voiceover changed from Italian to Portuguese in Rebel Scum.

A glitch in the Animus has been addressed and the proper loading screen will now be displayed transitioning to Modern day after Labors of the Keeper.

Hades decided you're worthy of his time for a hot second, allowing you to complete Labors of the Keeper.

Addressed an issue where players couldn't confirm the polemarch kill in the Fortified Doma of Autochthonos

Addressed an issue in A Complete Education where players were unable to complete the quest. Not complete enough, hmm?

Hermes is trying to ignore his paranoia and will now move along in "The Keeper and Key Maker".

Addressed an issue during The Keeper and Kyros where Kyros decided to be lazy instead of showing off his physical prowess by walking to the next objective.


Player's Knowledge level will now reset on a NG+ walkthrough.

Addressed an issue where players could receive the artefacts from defeating the mythical creatures without having fought them. -nothing in life comes for free, misthios

Aiantides can be found when trying to set him free during The Favour.



Addressed an issue where cultists were shown as alive even though their kill was confirmed already. -There's no White Walkers in Greece you know.

Barnabas double-checked the Adrestia's manifest, removing the ability to duplicate the Hero's Sword. -someone is swimming with the sharks tonight

Addressed an issue where some lieutenants wouldn't spawn on the Adrestia.

Addressed an issue where players couldn't hear sea shanties when placing the camera behind the ship.

NPCs following players will get back on the horse after a conflict with animals.

Addressed an issue which prevented players from continuing their Odyssey if they fell under the map, in the Foreman's room.

Addressed several instances where players were unable to collect Ostraka.

After using harass and assassinate with Ikaros, enemies will no longer remain frozen in terror. -everyone's got something


Wolves will now appear during the Bare it All quest.

The caretaker will allow you to escort them in Full Circle.

Addressed an issue in Escape from Athens where a cutscene wouldn't be triggered upon arriving on the island of Seriphos

Loading times have decreased when fast traveling to the Adrestia after completing Every Story Has An Ending.

All targets killed have been accounted for in A New Lease on Death, allowing progression to continue.

Diona will now follow and interact with players during the I, Diona quest.

After sorting through her feelings, Myrrine would like you to accompany her in "Home Sweet Home.

Addressed an issue that caused mythical creatures to be misplaced after the loading screen.

After players are attacked in To Be Nobody, Polyphemos will open his eye and follow you now.

The NPC in "Follow that Boat" realized they do need your help and will update the quest now.

Alkibiades's friend has chosen a destination in Attika after the ambush during Across the Border- talk about free-roaming

Graphics, Audio & animations

Corrected a variety of graphical anomalies.


Addressed an issue with the Lion helmet visuals that were missing in the transmog menu.

Addressed some translation error with CRIT while Low/full health in the Portuguese localization.

Corrected a displayed text error.

Players will no longer be able to unintentionally dismantle some legendary items.

Removed the chest icon during instances they cannot be looted.

Players will no longer be able to sell items from the Helios item pack.


[PC] Addressed an issue causing the Rain of Arrows effect to be pixelated.

The "Bare Chested and Oiled" Armor will now have consistent engraving.

Addressed an issue where the "All Resistance" engraving would give unexpected perks.

Addressed an issue preventing Legendary Blacksmith Armor from being engraved.

Addressed an issue preventing Critical Chance from being applied to AoE Hunter abilities.


The Blasphemer Trophy will unlock after meeting the requirements.

[PC] Addressed instances of an issue that prevented Uplay achievements from unlocking.

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