Project Resistance Gameplay Overview Gets Mixed Reception

Resident Evil player base split after the gameplay reveal of Project Resistance

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Sep 2019

Capcom has been treading upwards since last year. With Monster Hunter World, Resident Evil 2 2019, Devil May Cry V, and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Recently, the company revealed and tease a new multiplayer version of Resident Evil and today new gameplay has been shown. And the community response is mixed.

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Called Project Resistance players take control of either 4 survivors and 1 player takes control of the Mastermind. The survivors use a variety of skills to survive the infected. Each survivors has access to an array of unique skills such as melee combat, increase defense, healing, and hacking.

The Mastermind is able to place obstacles and manipulate the environment such as locking doors and separating the 4-players. In addition, the Mastermind can directly control the infected including the T-00. 

The reception is mixed, with the like to dislike ratio at about 50% on the official trailer. Players are comparing the title to Umbrella Corps. which is one of the most infamous games from Capcom and the Resident Evil series. A closed beta is set to start on October 4th until October 7th. You can register on

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