Mario Kart Tour Has A Paid Subscription to Unlock Top Tier Content

Unlocking a certain mode in Mario Kart Tour requires payment

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Sep 2019

Nintendo's dive into the mobile market has been massively successful. Since the launch of Super Mario Run the company has been adapting its most popular franchises into mobile titles. With the latest being Mario Kart Tour.

Announced back in 2018 the mobile version of Nintendo's most acclaimed multiplayer racer is now available. However, those who want the full game will need to pay a monthly subscription.

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Called the Gold Pass, players will need to pay $4.99 a month to unlock in-game rewards called Gold Gifts, special badges, and play 200cc. For those unaware, 200cc is the fastest race mode available, with 50cc, 100cc, and 150cc being available for free.

The Gold Pass is free for the next 2 weeks but this seems very un-Nintendo. The company does have a notorious reputation for being behind from a technical aspect, such as DLC and HDMI. With acclaimed titles like Luigi's Mansion 3 getting paid DLC being a big deal for most gamers. Even as a free-to-play game this seems like something EA or Activision would do.

Mario Kart Tour is rolling out today for iOS and Android.

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