Google Stadia Launches in 1 Month, on November 19th

Google Stadia will launch on November 19th

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Oct 2019

Google stated that November would be the launch month for Google Stadia, now we have an exact date. With the streaming console launching this November 19th.

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Google provided a video showing off what everyone needs to know. Including showing an array of launch titles such as Destiny 2 and how you can play anywhere without issue.

Google Stadia has a lot of promise but gamers have concerns with the system. The most being the streaming part. Unlike movies or music, video games, especially competitive games, requiring near-perfect connection to send and receive commands.

In addition, many have concerns about the demands to run the service. I can only speak for the USA but internet connections here are very inconsistent. Depending on where you live you can have an ideal connection that can easily handle online gaming or take hours to download a 2 GB patch. Those in more isolated areas who are at the mercy of one ISP provider could have major issues maintaining a connection strong enough to play video games.

Another major concern is Google's notorious history to launch and market their products with incredible zeal. Only for Google to cut support for the item, leaving those who purchased it dead in the water. Remember Google Glass?

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