Next Batman Game Apparently Called Batman: Arkham Legacy

New installment in the Batman Arkham games leaked?

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Oct 2019

For some time rumors for a new Batman Arkham game have been circulating. And the previously released games have been coming back up. With Epic Games offering the entire trilogy for free recently. Now, according to a video game insider named Sabi, the next game is called Batman Arkham Legacy.


According to Sabi, the game will focus on Batman's family. This likely includes Tim Drake, Jason Todd, and Dick Grayson. During the true ending of Batman: Arkham Knight we see someone who looks like Batman attacking some thugs. This is years after Batman's identity was revealed to the world and he executed "Knightfall". Bruce walked into his home and it exploded, with Batman declared dead afterward.

Information did leak that a canceled Batman game was in development that followed Batman's Son Damian Wade. Damian would take on the role of Batman and the Nemesis system of Middle-earth would be used. If this new game does deal with Batman's family perhaps Damian will be part of this new game.

My guess, if this is true, is that someone has taken on the role of Batman following Bruce's disappearance. Those who follow Batman's lore know that "Batman" is a title and not a person. Other characters such as Dick Grayson and even Commissioner Gordon have taken on the role of "Batman".

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