New November Patch for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Revealed

Special Food Fight Festival for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville starting November 1st

By Grayshadow, Posted 31 Oct 2019

Today, EA released the November patch notes for Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. Showing off new balancing changes and the upcoming Food Fight Festival Prize Map.

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The event will start on November 1st and run until December 1st. With players able to earn Prize Bulbs, which are earned by completing challenges and for every 15,000 XP, to gain new emojis, gestures, costumes, and more. Players who reach the halfway point will get the Super Rate Sprinkle Scientist and those who reach the end will get the Legendary Kitty Cap.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Patch Notes


Updated Matchmaking to prevent groups from splitting during auto-balancing

Enabled guest accounts to play in split-screen mode with regular accounts

Battle Arena:

Downed portraits: Replaced skulls with character portrait downed state to better communicate team composition

NIS gesturing: Players may now gesture during the intro NIS

Increased earn rates

Added Weekly Challenge progress info next to weekly event tiles

End-of-Round Podium Updates:

Better communication for boasts

Improved podium layout

Added physical station in Giddy Park to view your Challenges

Improved friend zones at spawn points in Team Vanquish Mode Maps

Tuned and improved Challenges to make them more balanced to achieve

Scavenger Hunt! Do you like Pies?

Added K/D ratio to Cool Stats screen

Town Center Turf Takeover – Adjusted the mini game so it’s more fair for attackers (Pause Timer when zombies are controlling points)

Improved line of sight Crosshair to be accurate at a distance

Major Bug Fixes

Fixed split-screen issue where second player encounters a black screen and can’t join

Updated Battle Arena issue where players got stuck on a black screen during round one

Fixed the ultra combo perk after the player is revived by an ally

Character Balancing


Added support for weapons that have homing to hit quest-related world objects (i.e. Boogie Traps, Walnut Blockade, etc.)

Adjusted sniper aim sensitivity tuned for PC

Improved audio for landing critical hits

Sensitivity Option can now be set to nearest hundredths

Taking Damage & Mobility

Updated logic so, instead of waiting for the next jump, there is an extended period where all jumps are reduced in height

Sprint speed is now reduced after taking damage

In-air movement speed has been reduced after taking damage, which now impacts characters who are goatified

Explosion Shockwave

Updated travel time of shockwave damage to better match VFX explosion growth, which affects:

Acorn Sap Trap

Oak Super Sap Trap

Peashooter Pea Cannon

80s Action Hero Bow Blaster fully charged shot

XP Event Assist as Vanquish

Reduced damage requirement from 9/10 of victim’s health to 2/3 of victim’s health


Grody Goop:

Ability icon now shows active state while gas is active


Additional check to guarantee victim is within proper range before being trapped

Night Cap

Upgraded Fleet Footed:

Fixed an issue with not being able to jump


Flame Blower:

Improved projectile size and trajectory

Flare Ball:

Increased number of shots before overheating

Swoop Slam:

Updated ability camera to be easier to aim


Upgraded Alacrity:

Equip cost reduced from 3 to 2

Duration reduced

Upgraded Sustenance:

Fixed an issue with not checking that Garlic drone was alive to apply upgrade

Upgraded Spud Spotting:

Fixed an issue with spotting not being removed properly


Peel Shield:

Increased base ammo gain rate

Movement speed increased

Sprint now cancels shield

Juice Cannon:

Does additional damage at close range

Spin Dash:

No longer stops sprint


Magic Thistles:

Improved Homing target acquisition and flight

Increased projectile range

Arcane Enigma:

Activating Arcane Enigma now reloads Magic Thistles

XP earned from Arcane Enigma has been increased


Duration and AOE have been increased


Super Stink Cloud:

Adjusted spawn location and trajectory to be better aligned with center screen


Robo Call:

Initial refresh reduced to 60 seconds

Subsequent refresh reduced to 90 seconds

Super Brainz

Ultra Flying Fist:

Damage and range reduced

Heroic Fists:

Updated with faster speed and increased range


Upgrade Dolphin Blasting:

Fire rate multiplier now functions as intended


Bullhorn Swarm:

Reduced stun duration

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