Detroit: Become Human Launching on PC this December

Detroit: Become Human launching for PC soon

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Nov 2019

After teasing Detroit: Become Human coming to PC soon Quantic Dream has provided a solid release date. It'll launch through the Epic Games Store this December 12th.

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The wait is almost over!

Detroit: Become Human will be available on PC on December 12!

Pre-order it here:

— QUANTIC DREAM (@Quantic_Dream) November 19, 2019

Detroit: Become Human takes place in the future, where androids have become commonplace commodities. Used for basic service industry jobs and replaced many humans. However, some androids have developed an "issue" called Deviantancy where they become self-aware. Leading to a revolution that you will either lead or destroy as you follow 3 characters during these critical times.

Detroit: Become Human is now available for PS4.

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