Developers of Crusader Kings III Monthly November Update Details Dynasty System, Mechanics, and More

Check out the entire November update for Crusader Kings III

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Dec 2019

Paradox Interactive has released a new update video highlighting developer Rodrigue Delgue's progression with Crusader Kings III. With November's update video highlighting how the developers have responded to fan feedback.

Crusader Kings III,NoobFeed,

The developers have gone into extensive detail into how the player can create dynasties, the map's design, war, and many more systems. As well as how the developers learn from community feedback to improve Crusader Kings III such as controlling your troops.

If you want to read through the development diaries the developers have included the notes below.

Developer Diary #1: Dynasties and Houses
Developer Diary #2: The Medieval Map
Developer Diary #3: War
Developer Diary #4: Development and Buildings

Crusader Kings III will launch in 2020 for PC and included in Xbox Game Pass for PC

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