New Sony Patent Features a New VR Motion Controller

Sony maybe working on a new VR motion control

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Feb 2020

Sony's PS VR was one of their most popular optional peripherals for the PS4. You can use Sony's Motion Controllers with the device but it seems Sony may be looking to update the controllers.

Sony,NoobFeed,PlayStation 4,PS VR,

Sony,NoobFeed,PlayStation 4,PS VR,

The patent was reported on by UploadVR the images shown are not too different from other VR controllers. With the user's fingers wrapped around a device and sensors used to determine the user's inputs. The thumb is placed next to a trigger button and a strap is used to prevent the controller from dropping. To me, it looks like a bomb trigger.

With the PS5 on the horizon having new updated models for existing peripherals in development is common. We still don't know how Sony will update the DualShock controller for the next console. But it's unlikely that Sony will release motion VR controls with the PS5.

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