Minecraft Earth Patch Notes Revealed, Introducing New Boosts and the Wooly Cow

New patch for Minecraft Earth revealed

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Feb 2020

Minecraft Earth has a new patch in the works. Adding new boosts, mob, bug fixes, and much more.

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The patch is extensive and available to read below. The new mob is the biggest addition. The Wooly Cow will provide wool for those willing to sheer it.

Mincraft Earth R13 Patch Notes – February 25, 2020

New Stuff!

Coming soon - POWER!! UNLIMITED POWER!! We’ve introduced 12 different Boosts that can be purchased from the Store or activated by scanning a Minecraft Earth Minifig. Each Boost has 3 levels that will increase its power, duration, or both:

Increase Attack Damage

Increase Crafting Speed

Increase Max Health

Increase Mining Speed

Increase Player Defense

Increase Tappable Radius

Increase XP From Adventures

Increase XP From Collecting Mobs

Increased Health Gained from Eating o Keep Items in Backpack On Death

Keep items in Hotbar On Death

Smelting Speed Boost

The dye’s the limit! Your sheep can be dyed your favorite color in the name of FASHION! (Or in the name of your favorite sports team, that’s fine too.)

Coming Soon - You’ve seen them in AR, now pet them IRL! Some select Minecraft Earth mobs are making their way to a store near you as Mini Figurines! They’ll also be scannable and unlock powerful Boosts for you in-game.

New Mobs!

Your own watery night light, the Glow Squid, is diving into the world of Minecraft Earth!

It’s Halloween 365 days a year for the Skeleton Wolf. Beware this bag o’ bones!

Bug Fixes!

This is a no clone zone! We fixed an exploit that allowed users to sign-in to Minecraft Earth from the same account on multiple devices.

We improved performance for Chinese, Japanese and Korean text. 太牛了! 凄い! 대박!

Hooray! Multiple crash bugs were fixed for iOS and Android devices so that you can mine, craft, and build in peace.

Mobs looked a bit rough around the edges in Bright Mode, so we gussied them up a bit! Now they’re looking pretty fly.


Minecraft Earth R12 Patch Notes

New Stuff!

Meat is back on the menu! You can eat food to regain health in Adventures. Fruit and vegetables are also on the menu - all part of a balanced diet.

To raise the steaks, health is now persistent between Adventures. If you take damage in one Adventure, you’ll be hurt when you start your next Adventure.

Your health is displayed while you’re on the Map. If you die in an adventure, you respawn on the map but with reduced health.

Eating is also accessible from the Inventory screen using the new "info" button, which leads us to…

There’s a new Item Info button on the Inventory Screen – click through to see item stats and discover how chicken compares to mutton, or what the damage and durability values for your tools are. Plus, funny blurbs on your favorite blocks!

Tired of people walking all over you? We added a people occlusion toggle for iPhones/iOS 13+.

Coming soon! Night themed Buildplates will be available in the Store. Look up to see the stars! Don’t sleep on this new offer!

Coming soon! We’ve implemented the underlying code for a new feature called Boosts. Stay tuned for the full release!

New Mob!

The WOOLY COW has arrived! This new fuzzy friend could use a haircut. I wonder what happens when you use your shears…? 🤔


Sweet, sweet freedom! Players will no longer get stuck in the Adventure preview screen.

There was a complicated bug where you couldn’t pick up a liquid block if there was nothing behind it in AR. That bug doesn’t exist anymore. Success!

This bug is kicking the bucket - you now get your bucket back when smelting with lava. Cook those porkchops lighting fast.

We fixed a UI overlapping issue with the Adventure stats preview screen on iPhone 7 Plus. Helpful!

Thanks to recent improvements, the following devices have been removed from the Blacklist: Motoroloa moto x4, Motorola One, Samsung Galaxy A30, and the Samsung Galaxy A70. You can now play Minecraft Earth on these devices!

New Recipes!

Bucket of Mud

Stone Slab


Spruce Button

Minecraft Earth R11 Patch Notes 


We reduced the file size of Minecraft Earth and made it more stable. Small, but mighty! 

Added a selection indicator when choosing your Mob of Me, so you can decide what Me you want to be today. 

The Mob of Me selection screen now has an exit button so you can get back to mining, crafting, and building in glorious fashion. 

Illuminating! Bright mode is now color balanced for a more pleasant viewing experience in outdoor conditions. 

The Crafting and Smelting menus have been overhauled so they’re easier to use, and they look dang spiffy. 


Adventure previews got a makeover – they’re full screen and have a new UI that really complements your eyes. 

Time is of the essence! There’s a new indicator that lets you know how much time you have left in an Adventure before it despawns. 

Bugs Fixes! 

Incred-apple! Trees now spawn apples as intended. 

Fit check! Players can now rotate their avatar in the profile screen, and the dressing room now loads properly for new accounts with fresh installs. 

Vibe check! Haptic feedback no longer triggers when vibration is turned off on Android devices. 

Fixed an issue with item clipping while people occlusion is enabled. Cool! 


Minecraft Earth R10 Patch Notes 

New Features:

Do you ever wish there were two of you? There can be! Mob of Me is now available for purchase in the Store. 

Make it FASHION! You can now select a style from your Character Creator closet when placing their Mob of Me on a Buildplate. 

Stay charged all day by enabling Battery Saver Mode in game Settings. It turns your screen off when you turn your phone upside-down – cool!  


We added 10 new Adventures to keep things fresh in the new year. 

Know where you stand - Adventures now have a clearly defined proximity circle so you know when you’re close enough to enter. 

Instant gratification! Reward screens for Adventures load faster. 

Skeleton arrows now travel slower to limit the number of Adventurers with arrows in their knees. 

Adventure location reporting now allows for up to 250 character comments so that you can help us make Minecraft Earth a better place to play. 

Bug Fixes: 

Fixed an issue where Adventures didn't show the player receiving any rewards because it’s 2020 and YOU DESERVE THIS. 

Adventures now accurately indicate if they have been played by others. 

Good news, barbarian roleplayers! You can break blocks with swords again. 



New Smelting Recipes! 


White Glazed Terracotta 

Orange Glazed Terracotta 

Magenta Glazed Terracotta 

Light blue Glazed Terracotta 

Yellow Glazed Terracotta 

Lime Glazed Terracotta 

Pink Glazed Terracotta 

Gray Glazed Terracotta 

Light gray Glazed Terracotta 

Cyan Glazed Terracotta 

Purple Glazed Terracotta 

Blue Glazed Terracotta 

Brown Glazed Terracotta 

Green Glazed Terracotta 

Red Glazed Terracotta 

Black Glazed Terracotta 

New Crafting Recipes!  

Clay Block 

White Terracotta 

Orange Terracotta 

Magenta Terracotta 

Light blue Terracotta 

Yellow Terracotta 

Lime Terracotta 

Pink Terracotta 

Gray Terracotta 

Light gray Terracotta 

Cyan Terracotta 

Purple Terracotta 

Blue Terracotta 

Brown Terracotta 

Green Terracotta 

Red Terracotta 

Black Terracotta 

Crafting Recipes That Were Missing But Are Not Missing Anymore! 

Stone Brick Wall 

Mossy Stone Brick Stairs 

Mossy Stone Brick Wall 

Mossy Stone Brick Slab 

Birch Slabs 

Light Grey Dye 

Packed Ice  

Lapis Lazuli Block  

Lapis Lazuli 

Bone Meal 





Minecraft Earth R9 Patch Notes


Get to know your way around with the new Build Mode tutorial – much easier than putting together furniture IRL! 

Improved speed of sign-in and app resume speeds by up to 50% on all platforms because loading screens are only cute the first 5 times you see them. 

Free stuff! Players are now gifted starting items the first time they enter Build Mode. 

Location reporting now has comment box for specifying detailed reasons like “busy road,” “water feature,” and “super haunted, abandon hope ye who Adventure here.” 

Layout of your profile and Buildplates has been updated – spiffy! 

Not such a tough row to hoe – farming in Buildplates now requires tools for harvesting. 

We added more Adventures for you to explore. ALGEBRAIC!  


Lofi Beats to Mine and Craft To: Buildplates build and play mode added Vanilla ambient music. 


Jolly Llama can eat ferns covered in snow because we don’t have iceberg lettuce in the game. 

Multiple major bug fixes, including: 

Game crashes 

issues 

Some smelting bugs 

Lots of other stuff that you didn’t even know needed fixin’ 


All iOS players will need to resign in due to a change/fix we made in the process.


Minecraft Earth R8 Patch Notes


Added new hostile mob tracker for Adventures

Added notifications for complete but not collected challenges

Mooblooms now look correct when sheared for their buttercups

Added smelting intensity animations


Updated audio in various parts of the game


Added support for many new blocks and items which will be coming soon:

snowball, bone, rotten flesh, gunpowder, raw salmon, food and nature items, acacia blocks

Added recipes for:

polished granite, andesite, diorite, and lapis blocks


Improved Diamond Tool and Weapon damage.

Improved Iron Tool and Weapon damage

Improved effectiveness for using right tool on corresponding blocks

(ex: Shovel on dirt)

Decreased effectiveness of wrong tool on corresponding blocks

(ex: Sword on dirt)


77 bug fixes! Including:

Cluckshrooms no longer drown when entering water

fix for salmon – they no longer disappear when put on buildplates

Locked crafting/smelting slot bug - Players that had all of their crafting/smelting slots locked should see this resolved in R8

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