You’ll might want to sit down for a second. Are you anticipating Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception as much as the rest of the world? Can’t wait for Halloween to be over so you can finally play Tomb Raider for men? Well, Europeans are mocking this envy, because they have access to Drake’s adventure already and that since yesterday! Jealous?


NoobFeed News - Uncharted 3 Street Date Embargo Break
Stores like Game Mania can make customers so happy, they'll buy it twice.


According to multiple communities, such as, there are several stores in the Benelux that are notifying customers of their arrived shipment. In fact, pretty much all shops there are selling the game prior to its official release date and there are already reports by the community that the same will be done for Modern Warfare 3. While the latter is speculation;  these ‘early’ releases are nothing new in Europe, as Space Marine and Gears of War 3 also saw their release date waved goodbye by stores.

NoobFeed News - Uncharted 3 Street Date Embargo Break
More happy customers with their purchase of Uncharted 3. Sorry you guys.

Happy consumers were smart enough to capture their purchase on picture, though stores like Game Mania are hardly being secretive about their great deal. Their Facebook pages already advertise the early availability and people that pre-ordered received text messages to come get their just prize. But naturally, since the release date isn’t upon us yet, players with early access won’t be able to go online yet, as that hasn’t been activated yet. Still, the story is a big part of what makes Uncharted great, so there’s no reason to wait if you’re around the area.


NoobFeed News - Uncharted 3 Street Date Embargo Break
Uncharted 3 now available at Game Mania. Special Edition available tomorrow.


Remember that this isn’t breaking street date, unless explicitly commented on by Sony.  We’ve contacted Sony to ask if this practice is on the level with them, but they’re out celebrating Halloween like the rest of us. Let’s hope this news doesn’t give them a scare.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • God, I hope this happens to Modern Warfare 3!

    Posted Oct 29, 2011

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