You know, it’s quite rare for a game company to develop some kind of a meaningful relationship with its most diehard fans. Usually a publisher promotes a highly anticipated game, generate lots of hype, fans get their game and it turns out to be excellent. Game sells really well, everyone’s happy. Afterwards, fans thank the company for making such a kickass game, said company answers back with their thank you’s, end of story. You don’t really see many companies do something absolutely heartfelt that it would exemplify how much they really appreciate their fans’ support and not solely of the fact that they paid money for it.


Gearbox Software seems to understand its fans quite a bit. A user from Destructoid named Carlo shared a story with the site detailing his best friend, Michael John Mamaril. Mamaril unfortunately lost his battle against cancer last month; he was only 22 years of age. Since both Carlo and Michael were fans of Gearbox’s sci-fi first person shooter/role-playing hybrid, Borderlands, Carlo thought of a cool way to honor the memory of his late friend. Carlo sent Gearbox an email, requesting the company to read a short eulogy. And who better than to read said eulogy than Claptrap?



You’d think that Claptrap would actually joke or say something smart-alecky in the eulogy (as he did in a similar gesture, but it was for a marriage proposal), but this time, it wasn’t the case. Claptrap’s voice actor, David Eddings, actually broke character in the middle of the eulogy, and ended it with this statement:


“Tonight, we raise our glasses to the memory of Michael John Mamaril. Though he may be gone, he will live on forever in the Borderlands.”


And as that last line of the eulogy implies, Mamaril is confirmed to be featured as an NPC in Gearbox’s upcoming Borderlands 2. A very touching gesture, to say the least.


Listen to the entire eulogy here.


David Gabriel, NoobFeed.

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  • A very nice gesture indeed, always like to see stuff like this.

    Posted Nov 06, 2011

  • That was lovely, considering they kept the emotion in the voice while he spoke as claptrap, I look forward in to meeting the NPC in Boarderlands 2

    Posted Nov 07, 2011

  • wow that was thoughtful ^_^.

    Posted Nov 07, 2011

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