I don’t know about you guys, but I have been anticipating some Black Ops 2 gameplay footage for quite some time and thanks to this year’s E3 event we got to see just that. The presentation started with Sgt. Frank Woods, a central character in the game, speaking out in his husky, menacing voice, “We build computers, robots, whole unmanned armies. And no-one ever asks, ‘what happens when the enemy steals the keys?’”




The trailer cuts in and we’re sitting with the president, who is… female? Your job is to protect her as she travels with the rest of the world’s G20 leaders, but before you get accustomed with your surrounding’s your convoy is hit by missiles and a barrage of fire from the air. The usual scene of carnage and thing’s blowing up around you ensues, the car crashes and a predictable slow-mo with someone offering their hand to help you up follows.


Our first bit of gameplay is then scene or you manning an anti-air turret, followed by a few shots from the already controversial X-Ray scope that can see and take down enemies through walls. The source of the controversy comes from its apparent anti-camping properties in the games multiplayer, which might in turn promote even more camping whilst equipped.

Black Ops 2 Demo - NoobFeed News

We’re offered some gun-on-gun action from medium to close range with a Type 25 weapon and then some overwatch firing from a drone. All-in-all the footage doesn’t show us anything radical, but does hold the promise of things to come, both from a single and a multiplayer perspective, and as a fan of the series that’s certainly good enough for me. Whether it’s going to swing it for any potential buyers I doubt it, but there’s plenty of time before release to do just that.


Craig Bryan, NoobFeed.

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  • I stopped getting excited for Call of Duty games a long time ago. I mean it looks good but its still the same concept as all the others out there

    Posted Jun 06, 2012

  • Yea what @EliteEdge said :/ too much of a good thing gets dull and boring. Im glad Halo 4 is changing things a bit for its shooter franchise but COD has always been the same :/

    Posted Jun 07, 2012

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