Wii U Launch Date Leaked

By XboxBetty, Posted 27 Aug 2012

Today (8/27) at a Gamestop managers' conference, gaming accessory maker, PDP slipped about a possible release date for Nintendo's Wii U. An attendee of the conference told Kotaku that a rep for PDP was showing the companies fall line-up.  They ended their presentation by disclosing that their accessories would be available just before the Wii U's November 18th release date.

Another conference attendee titled a post on the NeoGAF forum:

"PDP leaks 11/18 date for Wii U Accessories." writing, "Just said at Gamestop conference. So pretty much 11/18 launch as everyone guessed, right?"


Expect to hear the official release date on 9/13.


Kotaku contacted both Nintendo and PDP and did not get confirmation of a November 18th release date. Most likely, the Wii U's release date and price will be announced, on September 13th, at a New York City event.

In the past Nintendo has released major games and hardware on Sundays. They have done so with the Wii, GameCube (both in November), and more recently with the Nintendo 3DS XL and New Super Mario Bros. 2. Therefore, November 18th seems to make a lot of sense; it's a Sunday and it's the week of the insane shopping craze called Black Friday. November 18th or not we're sure to see the Wii U hit stores this holiday season.


Megan Bethke, NoobFeed.
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  • oh nintendo and your predectability lol. still, as much fun at it looks and sounds like, i wont be picking it up until i know its good stuff

    Posted Aug 28, 2012

  • aish... +____+

    now I want playing nintendo (not console) since I prefer psp than nintendo. then I see one of my friend played nds and 3ds. +_____+

    Posted Aug 28, 2012

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