Grifball Mode Coming to Halo 4

By XboxBetty, Posted 03 Sep 2012

Today (9/2) at PAX Prime it was announced that Halo 4 will have Grifball as a main multiplayer mode. The announcement came from 343 Industries during a typical PAX panel discussion.


Use the hammer for an instant kill but expect to run after the grifball.


Originally created as a Halo 3 mod, OXM compares Grifball to a game of explosive football. Two opposing teams try and get the ball to the opposite team's goal by running and passing the ball to teammates. Players are armed with both a sword and the hammer; attempting to kill the player who is in possession of the ball. Kill said player and the ball is yours.

The mod became so popular in Halo 3 that Bungie started including it as a ranked match type during double XP weekend events. It was permanently added as a match type in Halo: Reach in December 2011.

As well as including Grifball mode in Halo 4, Capture the Flag and Oddball mode will be tweaked. Eurogamer reports that the throwing and catching mechanics of Grifball will be applied to Oddball mode. The flag-bearer in Capture the Flag will hold the flagpole in one hand and a magnum or "flagnum" in the other. The flag can be used as a melee weapon as players will be able to impale their opponents.

Halo 4 is available on November 6th. Check out a preview here.


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  • Sweetness gracious!

    Posted Sep 03, 2012

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