WiiUDaily reports that Nintendo is planning on releasing the next Zelda game in 2014. Their source is from within Nintendo and in the future has accurately reported Wii U achievements and Miiverse. Apparently, he has seen the new Zelda game in action.

WiiUDaily's source told them, "They got hundreds of people working on the new Wii U Zelda game” making for the biggest development team to ever work on a Zelda game. The source also says that this is the most expensive game that Nintendo has made to date.

The source has no idea about the story line stating, "I haven’t see any cut scenes or boss fights either at this point. I’m not sure they’ve made any of that yet." However, future owners of the Wii U can expect the new game to have a similar visual style as the most recent Zelda game with about the same amount of dungeons. However similar the dungeons are, expect them to be bigger in scope and completely different from each other. The new Zelda game will have mini-games, side quests, and some online features. It is unknown if the characters will speak but Link will look more grown up with more details than Link from Skyward Sword.


According to a source, the new Zelda game will be available on the WiiU sometime in 2014


The new Zelda game will use the GamePad taking it to a new level. WiiUDaily says the game was influential in designing the GamePad with one of the hardware features added specifically for the new Zelda game. WiiUDaily's source says “Everything in the game is built around the controller and its unique abilities. Every single feature in the controller is used to its full potential." 

As far as the WiiU goes, the new Zelda game gives gamers something exciting to look forward to. It may even influence more people to consider buying the Wii U. Two thousand and fourteen seems like a long ways away but from the sounds of it Zelda is worth the wait.


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  • Damm...now im being forced to get a WiiU by 2014....well it was bound to happen eventually lol

    Posted Sep 07, 2012

  • I have two years to save up. :0)

    Posted Sep 07, 2012

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