The new Xbox 360 dashboard update is available now, but will gradually be made available to all Xbox Live subscribers. This means you may or may not receive the update today. In fact, you many not receive it for another couple of weeks.

The gradual availability of the update will be happening over the next week across regions and subscribers to ensure a stable release. Initially, the update will reach about three million consoles with more users being updated over the next few weeks.

Most users should recieve the update over the next few weeks.

The update includes:

  • Refreshed Dashboard: A new layout with more tiles, a combined TV/Movie channel, and a sports destination (US).
  • Internet Explorer: Browse the internet and view online content.
  • Recommendations and Ratings: Discover new games, movies, etc. based on previously viewed content, popularity, and what your friends are playing/viewing. Rate content and see ratings from Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Pinning:  Personalize your dashboard by placing your favorites on the home screen.
  • Xbox Video: Formerly called Zune; rent and buy TV shows and movies instantly.
  • Recent View: Formerly called Quick Play; lists content that you have recently accessed.
  • Enhanced Search: Bing voice search now includes genre search and results for video from the web and YouTube.
  • International Voice Search: Kinect voice search has expanded its search capabilities to Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Ireland.

If all of this is too exciting to wait for hopefully you're one of the millions that receives the update sooner than later. If not, don't worry. It may take weeks but the dashboard update will soon be yours!

Source: Major Nelson

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  • I kinda always liked the old layout :/ i wonder when it will get an overhaul. never really liked this one. lets see when the new one rolls out

    Posted Oct 18, 2012

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