Hello everyone at NoobFeed.com. I don't know about you but I checked my calendar and I realized that NF started one year ago. A lot has changed, many users joined, the site got bigger, the bug invasion happened but in the end all turned to be a lesson to everyone. May be the first year the start of something strong in the gaming community. As always, here's a quick overlook on what happened in the NF planet.



Strategy Discussion For Each Game - By Koshai

Idea: A YouTube Channel? - By goliath


Blog of the Week

TOP 7 Games That Need a HD Mark - By davidck07


Honorable Mentions

One Vision - By ILIAS

Do We Have What It Takes? - By warrant

Mass Effect 2 Quick Overlook - By -Moroes-

Interviewing David Gabriel - By Tanya


Community Tip

You know, there are some threads more apropriated in some boards than others. Example: I have a dog that is the FPS god! Man, he plays like a pro in the PS3, on the other hand my cat's neighour doesn't sleep for days because he spends all day playing RPG's... Well, the content might about videogames, but the thread should be posted in the Off Topic board, right ?!?!?!


If you would like to get featured in the next community blog or you would like to recommend another users work, message me the link and probably you'll get an honorable mention next time!


Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • Happy Anniversary!!

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • Good deal! A lot of major strides in the first year... hopefully we will have even more members and more features this time 2011 :).  Happy birthday NoobFeed.

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • Good stuff, nice blogs and community update

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • LMAO. Nice way to explain. But where is the cake I like the way it is now. News tab grabs more attention ;)

    Posted Feb 15, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Thanks for the update mate. serbsta will surely take Koshai's idea into consideration once he will return from exile.

    @-Moroes- : Thanks to your blog. I got my copy of ME2 today.

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • Another update, I can see the activity monitor going a lot highers than previous months. Hopefully NoobFeed can raise its ranking even higher.

    Posted Feb 15, 2010

  • Man it's been a long time. I feel old.

    Posted Feb 16, 2010

  • Yeash!

    Posted Feb 16, 2010

  • Kid's growing up :) hope we will make more success in the next anniversary :)

    Posted Feb 16, 2010

  • Happy Anniversary.............

    Posted Feb 16, 2010

  • Happy anniversary!

    Posted Feb 16, 2010

  • I like this new way of posting. Community blogs are more of a news than blogs.

    Thanks for all the updates Marco :)

    Posted Feb 16, 2010


    Your support to the site is much appreciated.

    Posted Feb 16, 2010

  • Indeed! Happy Anniversary!

    Posted Feb 16, 2010

  • Nice update, I'm really pleased at how much this site has grown over the year. I can only hope that as time goes by NoobFeed will continue get better than ever and with the many great users that are on this site, its a matter of when and not if. Happy 2nd Anniversary NF, its been an awesome year. :)

    Thanks for the mention as well.

    Posted Feb 16, 2010

  • Happy 1 Year Anniversary Noobfeed!! May we have more great years on this site! :)

    Posted Feb 17, 2010

  • Happy Anniversary!!

    Posted Feb 18, 2010

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