On February 15th we announced the start of the 2011 PlayStation Network’s Gamers’ Choice Awards in which voting ran from February 22 until March 1. In our post, entitled “PSN Awards – The Start of Spring Fever,” we noted the four categories in the competition, and who we thought was going to win. The top PSN games of 2010 have now been announced, and all four winning titles will be 30% off during the first week of the Spring Fever sale which kicks off today. As a reminder, all PlayStation Plus subscribers will get a stunning 50% off these titles, which are as follows:

Best PS3 Downloadable Game
Nominees: Castle Crashers, Costume Quest, DeathSpank, PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game.

Metacritic Scores Said: PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX
I Said: Castle Crashers

And the winner is ...The Behemoth`s Castle Crashers

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest PSN title in my collection!

Best PSP Downloadable Game
Nominees: Ghost of Sparta, Lunar Silver Star Harmony, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, and Valkyria Chronicles II.

Metacritic Scores Said: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable
Daavpuke said: Valkyria Chronicles II.

And the winner is ... Ready at Dawn`s God of War: Ghost of Sparta

Does anyone else think that it's epic when the Narrator says "God of War"


Best PS3/PSP Mini:
Nominees: A Space Shooter for Two Bucks, Age of Zombies, Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess, Vector TD, and Young Thor.

Metacritic Scores Said:
A Space Shooter for Two Bucks
I said: A Space Shooter for Two Bucks

And the winner is ... Halfbrick Studios` Age of Zombies

Any game that pops up and says "awesome" in green letters is fine in my books!

Best PSN Exclusive Game
Nominees: Dead Nation, Hustle Kings, Joe Danger, Sam & Max Episode 1, and Soldner-X2.

Metacritic Scores Said: Joe Danger
I Said: Joe Danger

And the winner is ...Housemarque’s Dead Nation

Such great audio is presented in Dead Nation.

The Score:

The wrong choices were made all around as Metacritic ratings didn't predict a single winner, and the two NoobFeed staff members involved, Daavpuke and myself, combined to only pick one of the four.

However, the question still remains as to whether or not these were truly the best titles or just the ones that people wanted to go on sale. Metacritic scores would argue that the best game did not win its respective category, but it’s quite plausible that people have indeed voted for the game that was the best to them. Sadly, this is not a hypothesis that we can prove as there is, in the face of the vast survey bias, no way to truly know. Nonetheless, these four winning games were voted by PSN gamers, and are unilaterally high quality titles that ought to be apart of each gamers' collection.

Feel free to visit our The Official PSN Spring Fever Sale Topic in the forums where I will list and discuss all the items that go on sale. Happy Spring Fever, and I really do hope something that you want gets a nice hefty discount for you!

Joshua McCaul, NoobFeed

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  • you know what if there sharing our gears of war i want there god of war to xD i love gears of war it has the most in depth stories ever!!! sometimes when i play the game i wish it dosnt finish i would actully buy a NGP just to play one  of them games

    Posted Mar 08, 2011

  • Whoa! Good to see HalfBrick doing so well. They're situated in my home town :)


    Posted Mar 09, 2011

  • ? Sam & Max Episode 1 was nominated for best PSN Exclusive? I have that on Steam and I believe it's available for Wii as well...

    And 50% off on Ghost of Sparta sounds like a good reason to finally make that purchase.

    Posted Mar 09, 2011

  • @Akio-Norio The NGP is going to be something that is interesting to follow -- especially in terms of what games come out for it :).

    @caityful That's awesome ... actually really jealous on that one.

    @Buckley I actually have no idea, but I reckon it is because of features special to the PlayStation or that they do consider the PC as a removal of exclusivity? I don't quite know, but I will definitely look into the justification for that one. In the meantime, if anyone knows the answer -- please enlighten us both!

    Posted Mar 09, 2011

  • @Tressilate - Haha oh gosh. One day I tweeted about how many copyrighted lines were in Age of Zombies and the developer, Michael Dobele replied to me... Most sheepish I have ever been. In my life. Ever.

    Moral of the story: Tweet happy thoughts.

    Posted Mar 10, 2011

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