Two years after the release of ArmA II, the unrefined, bizarrely complex PC-exclusive milsim, Bohemia Interactive still supports the game by releasing yet another patch: the game now updates to version 1.09. The patch will mainly address AI issues and some campaign-related bugs.

At the same time, Bohemia also releases the 1.59 update for ArmA II: Operation Arrowhead and its add-on, Reinforcements. This patch will also fix problems with the AI, and at the same time improve vegetation rendering, which should boost the framerate.


Although the patches will not make the ArmA games completely bug-free, it's good to see that Bohemia still works actively on improving their old products. For those lucky enough to be able to run ArmA: happy gaming!

Jesse Dolman, NoobFeed.

ArmA II patch official link
ArmA II: OA & Reinforcements patch official link

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  • i can run this game.  but it's at a senseless level.  The graphics should be handled by the GPU, and the AI tactics should be interpreted by the CPU... but nooooo, let's write crap for the GPU.  this company still lags in making this engine quad core compatible.  yea they patched it to run it sorta, but is it efficient? not at all.  the forums at BI boggle my mind.  all the diehard fans who settle for it despite all the problems and theyll fight you till the death to defend it as a superior product.  my blood pressure rises when i think about the pitiful and abrasive assistance those morons tossed when i asked about the problems.  they can go to hell.

    Posted Apr 01, 2011

  • @FrostKing Haha, if you have crirticism or doubts about a game, don't go to the official forums. I've learned that much.

    Still, while this game runs like crap (although it does okay on my comp), I find it truly fascinating. Once I got over the difficulties both performance and gameplay-wise, every tactical shooter I've played since then just lacked severely in comparison.

    Posted Apr 01, 2011

  • @FrostKing I haven't tried this game, but the CPU/GPU issues you describe sound similar to the PC version of Black Ops, but backwards. Black Ops hardly made any proper use of the GPU and instead loaded the CPU, making the game virtually worthless on a dual-core CPU. Yeah it's been patched to high heaven which has greatly improved it but, like you said, wouldn't call it efficient.

    Posted Apr 05, 2011

  • the forum community really turned me off there.  for awhile i enjoyed creating scenarios in the mission editor and tinkering with it as far as i could figure out in the scripting.  Most of the campaign and single missions were fairly unplayable for me at points as objectives kept switching around and things just couldnt stay on track.  multiplayer just had a lot of glitches and latency problems making any pvp gaming impossible.  i could only enjoy coop every once in awhile when a game had decent people in it. 


    the only thing i could still find enjoyable is configuring my own warfare scenario and just sandboxing it.  i wish they cared to put out scripting information for the mission editor so people could pick it up easier.  that would expand the user base if more people could grasp the customizability... but alas, their crap ass wiki page for their games is outdated and displayed for old arma and most of the commands don't work or aren't explained well(or displayed wrong altogether). 


    It also just flat out pisses me off that when they patch the game, they manage to maybe fix 5 or 6 things at a time while simultaneously breaking 8 others.  Their beta patches are usually a let down by only attacking small piddly little issues that all the forum members with "special treatment" complain about.  I guess if you chow down on enough moderator ding dong over there you get heard, but if you have the slightest of issues or if your tone doesn't suit their taste, youre banned.  i fucking hate them.

    Posted Apr 05, 2011

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