Hello everyone, yours truly is back with some free stuff updates you might like.

NoobFeed News - First Back To The Future Is Free!
Yours truly tested it and can say the gratification is immediate and valid. Free stuff yay!

Episodic superheroes Telltale Games have released their first episode from the Back To The Future series, It’s About Time, to the general public for free. The only slight catch is that they want your juicy, juicy privacy and so, you’ll have to register an account. Freedom for a nifty cult game; that’s not a horrible deal, is it? If you need more info on Back to the Future: It’s About Time, then head on over to my review for PSN.

Note: Today is Fools Day, so any news we post is under hypothesis that no one is jacking our appendages.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  •  Great Scott!

    Posted Apr 01, 2011

  • Installing now; just because I can.

    Posted Apr 01, 2011

  • I love you, TellTale Games :)

    Posted Apr 01, 2011

  • i hope this isn't fake... on the other hand... i'm not sure when i'll get to play it >.>

    Posted Apr 02, 2011

  • *a couple minutes later*

    well i have yet to run the software, but IT SEEMS OFFICIAL! :D

    Posted Apr 02, 2011

  • Might just be me, but it doesn't let me start the game :-/ Not taking my login and password

    Posted Apr 02, 2011

  • @Buckley: It didn't take my email address either, but it did take my username.

    Posted Apr 03, 2011

  • @DaavPuke It takes both my username and email as correct, but says "It doesn't look like you own the game." :(

    Posted Apr 03, 2011

  • @Buckley: You might want to take that on with their support. I heard they had similar problems with the PSN codes and such.

    Posted Apr 03, 2011

  • @Daavpuke On the support forums looks like a lot of people had the same problem. I just had to start the download and immediately stop it again so it re-registered under my login for whatever reason. Regardless, works now!

    Posted Apr 03, 2011

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