Asura's Wrath Is Crazy

By azn_pride, Posted 13 Apr 2011

I’ve been waiting for a crazy Japanese game all year, and Capcom’s action title, Asura’s Wrath finally answered my prayers. Unveiled at last year’s Tokyo Game Show, the game will tell the story of the sun god Asura, as he is betrayed by his fellow gods and basically stripped of all his powers. A bit more on the backstory is that Asura’s daughter is being held captive by a god, and well, Asura’s really angry about it; like really angry in a God of War kind of way. And it's an anger he'll take advantage of against the enemies he will face along the way. Asura’s Wrath will also blend a sci-fi world with Asian mythology. The latest trailer came straight out of Captivate 2011:



I’m told that the trailer actually features some gameplay and it's not just a standard cutscene. Players can actually control Asura even during the cinematic cutscenes, “directly affecting the gameplay, making Asura’s Wrath a truly unique experience,” as Capcom stated in their official Capcom Unity blog. The final, NA version will also feature English voiceovers as well.


That is one giant buddha.


CyberConnect2 will be handling the development of Asura’s Wrath, who is also responsible for creating the Naruto: Ultimate Ninja fighting game franchise, as well as the .hack action-role playing series. The game will be released on both the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. No release date as of yet, but Giantbomb reports it could come out sometime in 2012. Maybe Capcom will release more info on the game at E3 this year? Let’s hope so.


Trailer provided by CapcomUnityVideos.


David Gabriel, NoobFeed.

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  • Well, Capcom also reported on the release date, but sure, I suppose another game site would do the same.

    I think this game has a serious amount of overkill and I'm afraid it will severely harm the fun factor or gameplay value of it. It's like Kirby's Epic Yarn, except with planet-sized boss fights.

    Posted Apr 13, 2011

  • That's an extremely epic trailer. My interest is piqued.

    Posted Apr 13, 2011

  • Dramus likes

    Posted Apr 13, 2011

  • i thought the japanese sun god was amaterasu...

    and that asura was chinese/hindu.


    yep. asuras are the hinduist equivalent of fallen angels. can be translated to "antigod" O_o

    Posted Apr 13, 2011

  • @BrunoBRS: Sounding more and more God of War-ish all the time.

    Posted Apr 13, 2011

  • Epic. I only see photos of Asian Gods here but it'll be interesting to see them in war.

    Posted Apr 13, 2011

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