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Adventure Park brings back the proven Roller coaster Tycoon/Theme Park formula, but it actually manages to keep it fresh and interesting, without becoming just another generic simulation game.

By JohnnRckr, Posted 27 Oct 2013

Adventure Parkbrings back the proven Roller coaster Tycoon/Theme Parkformula, but it actually manages to keep it fresh and interesting, without becoming just another generic simulation game. I feel the need to make an important observation on the game's music, although it is quite frankly good and really sets an epic tone, it becomes repetitive in a really short time, so, maybe, you won't like to stick to it.

When you first launch the tutorial, you just know it’s going to be a bit more complicated than just building attractions and keeping people happy. First of all, you are given your very first private island, which you can turn into a pirate paradise, and, for those out there who think pirates are played out, well, you haven’t seen attractions like The Kraken or Blackbeard’s Ferris wheel, which, oddly enough, are quite visually alluring.

The fact that you have to hire personal and that those same simulated park workers offer you a scoop of what’s wrong with the park and if there are having problem with any chore. Furthermore, it takes the concept of the right man for the right job a step forward, for it not only features a variety of professions, but also levels of proficiency at such professions, which will determine if they can take care of a certain job. For example, only 4 star-rated technicians will be able to repair 4 star level attractions. Needless to say, the more qualified the worker is, the more money it will take out off of your budget.

After you have a couple pirate-themed attractions rolling, you will be able to grant access to your adrenaline-craving costumers, who will pay good money not only for the entrance, but for the rides as well, which got me thinking “man, this sure is a hell of an expensive way to have fun, but it will make me rich”. The sad thing is costumers are never satisfied and they’ll let you know it. They will ask you for more decorations, cheaper prices, more attractions, cleaner facilities and, well, everything you would expect to hear from a playing costumer. Another interesting feature is the guest book and the messages your visitors will leave as feedback. There, they will tell things from how cool it is there are short lines in the rides or how useful it is to have trash cans everywhere. If you play it smart and pay close attention to your visitors, you will be able to keep a satisfaction level of 100% month after month.

As one would expect, the rides are the core of any amusement park, and, in this case, it is not different. The game offers a variety of attractions with different themes and, I must admit, those are some badass rides I would like to try in real life. But, probably, the most important part of any theme park is are roller coasters, get a pretty neat one, and the costumers will stay in line for hours, just to get a 2 minute thrill. Adventure Park features an innovative grid-free intuitive coaster building system, in which, with only a few clicks, you will have a ride with sharp turns, intricate tangles and, even, any –physically possible- G-forces you want in it. Now, that kind of attention to detail is what makes a good game into a great game.

Speaking of detail, I can say confidently, detail is one of the most important parts in Adventure Park. You, as the almighty manager, will have to pay close attention to detail whether it is the feedback your costumer leave, the real-time feedback people have to say about the prices on your rides and your admission price or the pulchritude in the place. Even more, these small details also include the ability to modify at your will –and the costumer’s- the entrance, rides and even restrooms prices. So, whenever you have a captive and constant audience, you can make the prices skyrocket or, if you are going to a financial rough patch, you can drop the prices to the ridiculous amount of one monetary unit. Supply and demand in the action.

It is appropriate to mention the fact that I could play the game through a preview version, so I could only have access to the tutorial and one of the 8 free-mode levels; however, I could have a real nice view of what the game has to offer. I should also mention that, as I’m really not good at tycoon sim games, my park ended up with red numbers during a whole year and no person would set foot on it by the end of my session. It was depressing, but, if you are a bit better than I am at these games, you will have a great time building your very own Adventure Park. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity of creating the ultimate theme park and, in the process, satisfying hundreds of ungrateful virtual costumers that won’t show up at my park. Jerks.

Jonathan Coutiño, NoobFeed
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  • Tycoon games are usually addictive. I remember playing a theme park tycoon before. Can't call its name.
    Posted Oct 29, 2013


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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): bitComposer Games
Developer(s): B-Alive
Genres: Simulation
Themes: Tycoon, Amusement Park, Business simulation
Release Date: 2013-12-15

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